• Joomla2.5 and 3.x module
    Unlimited slices with title, text info and link as popup or same page
  • Many effects for each slide
    Effects are: Random, boxfade, boxslide, slotslide-horizontal
    slotslide-vertical, curtain-1, curtain-2, curtain-3, slotzoom-horizontal, slotzoom-vertical
    slotfade-horizontal, slotfade-vertical, fade, slideleft, slideup, slidedown, slideright, slidehorizontal
    slidevertical, papercut, 3dcurtain-horizontal, 3dcurtain-vertical, cubic and flyin
  • Settigns options
    3 different shadow options, Navigation Type, Navigation Style
    Fransition effect, Slot amount, Link URL, Read more text, Text Description, Main Title, Speed of Annimation
  • Bullets style selector
    Stop Banner Timet at Hover on Slide
  • Kenburn Slider Header
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